We worked with Harrogate Grammar School and the Red Kite Learning Trust to implement Homework4, our digital student planner, across the school. The whole process revolved around building a clear vision of what our client wanted to achieve. Whilst they’d been using a different digital homework planner system, they found many of its functions were not being utilised, at times it wasn’t totally reliable and therefore wasn’t really cost effective.

Homework4 has provided Harrogate Grammar School with an effective way to distribute and record their homework tasks, a simple monitoring tool for their teachers and parents, enhanced learning and engagement, built partnerships with parents and made significant financial savings (£15,000 over 3 years).

Many schools could benefit from the additional functionality our digital student planner brings, along with making financial savings, as Homework4 actually works out to be a less costly alternative to other paper planners and digital solutions.

Home learning across Harrogate Grammar School is now completely organised through the Homework4 planner, supporting students to manage their homework across the week and receive clear instructions on what needs to be done. Resources for home learning and classwork are shared with students through the system. Students regularly check their progress with the positive achievement system recorded on the digital planner. Other facilities include students’ attendance record and a direct messaging facility. Parents have their own log in and are now kept up to date and in the picture regarding all aspects of their child’s learning.

It’s been particularly rewarding to see our relationship grow with Harrogate Grammar School and the Red Kite Trust and as a consequence of just how successful this has been, we’re continuing to work together to refine, enhance and build new functionality, these include an academic reporting module and support for students to develop a greater awareness of their own productivity.

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