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Realising the potential of technology in education

A strategy for education providers and the technology industry

This week the DFE have issued a document setting out the strategy, vision and aspiration to realise the potential of technology in the classroom.

Damian Hinds, Secretary of State for Education ended his foreword to the document with these words:

“We are living in a digitally enabled world where technology is increasingly part of our society. We owe it to our young people, and to anyone who wants to upskill, to do more to explore and reap the benefits that technology can bring. This strategy is the first step in helping us do just that across our education system.”

Damian Hinds, Secretary of State for Education

April 2019

Realising the aspirations of the DFE, and having schools rise to this challenge, is very difficult. The lack of funds in schools often thwarts any attempts at looking to the future or examining existing practises to consider untried/tested technological solutions. This new document from the government challenges all involved in EdTech and education to develop solutions that will bring the rewards we know technology can, at a price which represents value for money and brings about real improvements in efficiencies and productivity. Addressing the concerns regarding workload and teacher shortages, recruitment and enhancing learning through innovative and exciting opportunities to engage and enrich students’ experiences.

“EdTech is not a silver bullet. In the 21st century, it should be seen as an inseparable thread woven throughout the processes of teaching and learning. It’s senseless to pretend it isn’t something that every teacher and every learner uses, every day. What we should concentrate on is when and in which ways it is best deployed to support these processes”.          

Dominic Norrish Group Director of Technology, United Learning Trust    

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“Teachers are central to the effective use of education technology. At the Chartered College of Teaching we believe technology must be driven by the needs of the classroom and not the other way around. We want our teachers to have the resources and expertise to use technology effectively and be able to draw on the best available research evidence. We are pleased to be working with the Government on this important work and to foster greater collaboration”.

Dame Alison Peacock CEO of Chartered College of Teaching

We have included a link to the document so you can read through how many schools are realising the potential of technology in the classroom and beyond. We hope it inspires you to look further in to how technology could play an important part of your school’s approach to the challenge set out by the government. I also hope we can be part of that journey.

Department for Education.

Realising the potential of technology in education:

A strategy for education providers and the technology industry