One cornerstone of the classroom – the student planner, is an area schools are seeking alternatives to save money as well as bring new, exciting and improved functionality to support learning. Setting homework online or via an app is the obvious choice and many schools are now recognising the opportunities available by going digital!

Let’s take a quick look at what you can achieve by opting for a digital homework solution for your paperless classroom!

Reduce paper!

There’s no hiding from the challenges of transforming from a paper culture to a digital one, but with careful consideration, planning and innovative technology, you can dramatically reduce your school’s use of paper. This presents an opportunity to establish your school as a beacon of forward-thinking digital innovation, with the added bonus of role modelling a learning experience for your students. Something they can take on into their adult life!

Time saving and increasing productivity

You probably know all too well that teachers spend an awful lot of time printing and stapling together handouts (which are then reproduced each year) or looking for misplaced paperwork! It really does take up a lot of time and energy which could be far better spent – we get it. Working in a school environment already presents many pressures, so finding digital solutions which automate tasks, free up time and increase productivity should be high on any school agenda. But the benefits of going paperless in school reach far beyond saving time and the environment – it’ll also help your school save money…

Save money – maximise your budget

Absolutely central to great school leadership are reducing costs and maximising school budgets, each a major concern and a national issue. And whilst digital solutions still need investment, the costs are very competitive and once that initial investment is made, the year on year savings are HUGE. At this point, you’re probably asking yourself why you wouldn’t opt for a digital homework planner.

Preparing students now and for the future

In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, digital technology brings new and exciting innovations to every aspect of life. By providing your students with appropriate and relevant experiences, you’ll help prepare them for their place in an increasingly digital world. Utilising technology to develop organisation, planning and ownership skills ensure students can take greater control of their learning.

Where do you go from here?

Whilst making a shift to digital seems like a monumental challenge, doing things ‘the way they have always been done’, is no longer acceptable or sustainable. Establishing a paperless philosophy, or at least reducing paper use, is just the starting point. Developing a list of goals you’re looking to achieve is essential and exploring digital tools which might help and support this is the next step. Identifying areas where paper could be reduced will also focus your mind on realistic and worthwhile gains.

If you’d like more information about Homework4 and want to benefit from this fantastic paperless homework planner tool then contact us today – we even offer a free trial. We’re convinced once you’ve made the switch, you won’t want to go back!