Homework4 is a simple, effective and reliable digital homework planner for students, teachers and parents. Homework4 is easy to use and will revolutionise your school’s approach to homework.

We’re really proud of all Homework4’s features – we know they’ll make a huge difference to you and your students:

Homework4 will enhance your students’ learning and improves homework across your school.

The benefits of Homework4 start with its easy to use interface which clearly communicates visually, all the information you need. Homework is displayed at a click of a button or at touch of a screen, it is colour coded depending on what stage it’s at, so students can take full control of their work.

Students receive detailed instructions of homework set, so they know exactly what’s expected of them, avoiding any confusion, misunderstanding or excuses -this also includes set and due dates. Parents see exactly what their children do, so they can offer informed support. Teachers can scaffold the homework with rich, attachable resources or embedded links directly into the details. Teachers, students and parents can track and monitor all homework in seconds, supporting those difficult conversations when things are not going to plan.

Teachers save time and achieve more with individual timetables and classes all synced directly from your school’s MIS and updated nightly.

 Any tool that can simplify tasks and reduce teacher workload is bound to be a great success. The data is updated every night from your school’s MIS, ensuring all timetables, classes, students’ attendance and behaviour information is up to the minute and at hand. There’s even a list of all the students’ teachers.

Setting, duplicating, tracking and monitoring homework for every class and student, at the click of a button, all in one place, saves an enormous amount of time. Being able to send reminders and notifications at the click of a button or track down a student via their timetable, really reduces those mundane and time-consuming tasks to a minimum.

Teachers can message a whole class or individual students to speed up communications about detentions, PE kit reminders, changes to rooms or even the ingredients for their food lessons. Parents are kept completely in the loop as they see exactly what their child does.

The teacher timetable can be used as a planner with the ability to record lesson plans and homework notes for an individual lesson and are saved in homework4 for the next time they’re needed, making it really easy to be on top of all their work.

It helps students manage their time more effectively with 24/7 access to timetables, homework and attached resources.

Students can quickly and easily track what stage they’re at with all their homework, which is colour coded and is seen via various filters and views, including a week view. This means they always know what’s due, completed, overdue or has been set and can plan their time more effectively, avoiding any confusion or less organised students being overwhelmed.

Students can quickly set reminders for any lessons, clubs or after school activities, learning to take control of their school experience.

The homework is clear, accurate and detailed and can be comprehensively supported with attached resources. Students will receive notifications to help them plan their time when work is due or overdue. They can even set their own homework when a cover teacher is teaching them.

Students add notes to their timetable, providing a convenient way to highlight issues they might have with a homework task, make notes for the next lesson or simply think of questions they need to ask the teacher during the lesson. They can even track their attendance and behaviour and have a list of their teachers.


It enables greater engagement for parents in helping them support their child’s learning in school and at home.

 One of the most influential factors for student progress is having effective interest and support at home. Homework4 provides parents with their own log in so they’ll see exactly what their child does. This is a powerful tool for when things are going well, strengthening the student and parent relationship. Homework is detailed, can be well resourced with attached information, providing more opportunities for parents to help and be involved. It’s easy to track, providing a platform for real encouragement, support and advice, keeping parents in the loop and thoroughly informed.


However, if things are going wrong, Homework4 helps parents to guide their child effectively, keeping them on track and avoiding a potential serious impact on their learning. Homework4 ensures they feel part of that crucial partnership between school and home. They can track attendance and behaviour and will never be caught out by not knowing what’s planned for the weeks ahead via their child’s timetable.


Students receive messages direct from teachers, improving communications further and building supportive partnerships.


Accessed via our iOS and Android apps or any web-connect device, branded with your school logo and colours and available 24/7.

Homework4 is accessed via our iOS or Android apps either using a smartphone or tablet or on any web-connected device, through Homework4’s web version. This provides 24/7 access to all information, homework and attached resources. When you sign up to Homework4, we’ll brand it with your school colours and logo.

Being able to utilise technology will enhance learning, streamline tasks and save time. Teachers will achieve more and homework across your school will become much more easily monitored, allowing for far more rapid intervention. Users with admin permissions, such as Year Heads, Pastoral Leaders, SLT and Faculty Leaders can log in to any user account, allowing for quick and effecting monitoring.

So, what are you waiting for? We’ve our very own education experts who’ll help guide you through the whole process, ensuring you’re fully supported. We’ll also provide support with a free consultation about developing digital learning across your school.


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